Getting Back in the Saddle - advice for rusty daters!

Given that this is a site aimed at the more mature members of society, i.e the over 50s, we felt it would be good to provide some general help with getting back into the dating mind frame. We have lots of articles that aim to help you with online dating, whether your new to it or you’ve been at ift for some time and not found what you’re looking for yet. The articles can be accessed using the PrimeDate Tips link at the bottom of the page.

So, you’ve taken a look around our site and you’ve seen a few of your kind of people. You’re keen to get chatting and working towards meeting people in person, but it’s all so new and unfamiliar. How the dating scene has changed, right? Sort of…the playing field may have changed, but the dating game is still as you remember. Here are our top dating tips to help you remove the rust and get back in the game!

Relax - this is FUN! Take things at your pace, there’s no rush! Be comfortable, pour yourself a warm drink and browse through the thousands of local members that match your search criteria.
For tips on getting started on online dating, please read our first article Online Dating, Getting Started"

2. Found a person you’d like to date? Then it’s time to arranged a suitable time and place to meet up! Things haven’t changed as much as you may think. And when you meet people on PrimeDate, you know they’re just like you and most likely, they’re feeling a bit out of the loop themselves! Be calm and don’t be over-eager. Time is on your side.

3. Spruce up! It’s not like you have to buy a new wardrobe and try to impress your date with fancy clothes, but make some effort to show the best version of yourself.

4. Be ready to laugh! Nerves can take over on first dates, especially on actual first dates (as in the first date you’ve been on in decades). Humour can be a valuable disarming tool and is also very attractive quality.

5. Be respectful! Respect boundaries and take things slow, avoiding awkward subjects early on. If you’re a man, hold doors open and do the gentlemanly thing. If time has taught us anything, it’s that being classy is one of the key things we have over the young ones of today!

6. Smile and be polite! This is essential and will win your date over while ensuring you also have a great time. Even if you aren’t feeling like the date will evolve into several more dates, stay positive and likeable.

7. Have fun!!! Dating is meant to be fun and what’s the point in trying online dating if you can’t enjoy yourself. Finding true love is the aim but you should laugh and share experiences all along the way.