Creating Your Online Dating Profile Page

Your dating profile is your opportunity to show the many thousands of potential matches who you are, both in terms of your appearance and your personality.

Although it's not the time to be shy, it's also not the time to pretend to be something you're not. Focus on showing the best version of yourself. To help you with what can be daunting for many online daters, we've prepared the below check-list to help you get your dating profile just right!

  • Add A Recent Photo – It's a proven fact in online dating that your chances of being contacted or getting replies increases by several times through the simple addition of a photograph. This should ideally be of you alone so that it's clear that the person in the picture is the person who owns the profile. We'd also suggest adding a few extra; feel free to include friends, family or even Grandchildren in some of them. Pick something nice and happy, preferably from within the last year.
  • Add A Description – There's no need to pen your autobiography here, keep it concise but also show a glimpse into what makes you tick; is it spending time with family? Going to the theatre? High tea at your favourite eating spot? Sports? Boxsets? Tell the world your interests and a little about yourself.
  • Make Em' Laugh – People often worry about what to write and how to say things on their dating profiles. The biggest faux pax is to be boring – show you have a sense of humour and you'll go far in the online dating journey.
  • Be honest but positive – Nobody wants to date a liar and nobody wants to date a sourpuss! Honesty is always the best policy to help you and your matches get off on the right foot. Staying positive is not only more interesting, but is more fun.
  • Read It Over – I'm sorry but since the typewriter became obsolete there has been no excuse for typos! Check what you've written and fix any errors. We also would suggest letting a friend or family member have a quick scan, just to get a second opinion.

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