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The best is yet to come

Welcome to PrimeDate, the dating site designed by the mature singles for mature singles.

We were born in the swinging sixties (and some of us, the roaring fifties) and we've made it this far along, with all the experience (positive and otherwise) that comes with growing up and reaching 'middle age'. We're single now, for whatever reason, and we're ready to find or rediscover love and share the things we've learned with somebody special.

Some of us have children, some of us remain children (at heart), but we're all here because now is our time, the prime of our lives, and we want to make the most of it.

Internet dating is a relatively new phenomenon but that doesn't mean it's just for the young folk! Sure, they may use it as s shortcut and, in fact, overuse it - can you imagine internet dating in our day? What a thought! But for our generation it's an opportunity to discover the real potential of online dating. We don't go out clubbing (or hang around street corners), we don't go to the local bar nearly as often as we used to. Most, if not all, of our friends are married…so meeting new companions just doesn't happen like it used to. Live has moved on without warning and at times, we can feel a bit like we've been left in the lurch. That's why the real opportunity and benefit of internet dating is for our generation, because it's true power is helping you meet like-minded people from the comfort of your own home. Once you've chatted for a while you can then decide if and when to arrange an in-person meeting.


It might not surprise you to know that the over 50s are the fastest growing group of online daters and the fastest growing market for tablet and mobile devices. Literally countless numbers of people just like you are doing what you are doing today - thinking of joining a dating site like PrimeDate. We ask you to stop thinking and start doing. You can join our site for free and you know you'll be in safe hands - we ask for no commitments or payments until you feel our club is one you'd like to be part of. Aren't we always telling the younger generations that life is for living…isn't it time we listened to our own advice?

Click here to join PrimeDate today and make the most of your prime time!

With PrimeDate you can take your time or you can get speaking to people fast. It's entirely up to you. We have plenty of articles to help you with your own profile page or provide tips on how to contact someone that first time. We also have a selection of pages that provide you with guidance on places to go for that first date and how to prepare. You can visit our articles and dating tips section anytime using the PrimeDate Tips link at the bottom of the page.

It's never too late to date!